May 1, 2014

consoleguard.exe is Trojan.Siggen6.16089 and WS.Reputation.1 - How To Remove

I just found a new process running in the Windows Task Manager named consoleguard.exe. Sounds pretty suspicious, don't you think?

consoleguard.exe in the Windows Task Manager

I ran consoleguard.exe through the scanners over at VirusTotal, and it was detected as Trojan.Siggen6.16089 and WS.Reputation.1 by DrWeb and Symantec:

consoleguard.exe is detected by some of the anti-virus programs

It will be interesting to see if the other anti-virus programs start picking up the consoleguard.exe file.

Since I'm convinced you want to remove consoleguard.exe, you can do so by checking consoleguard.exe in FreeFixer's scan result for removal. You can find it under Processes and Registry Startups in the scan result.

Any idea how you got consoleguard.exe on your computer? Please let us know by posting a comment?

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