May 9, 2014

ReWinUpProtect.exe and ReWinUp.dll detected as Gen:Variant.Zusy and Trojan:MSIL/Spacekito

I'm in a hurry so this will be a short one. I just stumbled upon something called ReWinUp, which appears to have two main files: ReWinUpProtect.exe and ReWinUp.dll. You might spot ReWinUpProtect.exe in the Windows Task Manager:

ReWinUpProtect.exe in the Windows Task Manager

The anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal reports ReWinUpProtect.exe as Gen:Variant.Zusy.91801 and  Trojan:MSIL/Spacekito.C.

ReWinUp anti-virus detection

I'll try to follow up with more info as soon as possible. If you'd like to remove ReWinUpProtect.exe and ReWinUp.dll you can just check them in FreeFixer for removal. You might need to restart your machine to complete the removal.


ReWinUpProtect.exe service

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