May 1, 2014

ConstaSurf - Removal Instructions

A common tactic these days to get users to uninstall some unwanted software is to offer a download that claims to install some well-known software with a good reputation. For example, the download show in the screenshot below, which is digitally signed by Outbrowse LTD, claims to install VLC Player, which it also does. But, during the installation process there are also a large number of bundled offers.

OutBrowse LTD VLC Player

One of these offers is the ConstaSurf adware. It will add itself in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox:

ConstaSurf 1.0.1 in Firefox

ConstaSurf is detected by many of the anti-virus programs under names such as BrowseFox and AltBrowse.

If you'd like to remove ConstaSurf, you can easily do so by downloading FreeFixer and checking the ConstaSurfBho.dll file and the ConstaSurf Firefox extension for removal, as shown in the screenshots below.

ConstaSurf Firefox Extension


I've created a short video clip which shows FreeFixer in action when deleting ConstaSurf:

You can also remove the ContraSurf software from the Programs and Features dialog, from the Windows Control Panel.

Removing ConstaSurf from the Programs and Features dialog

How did you get ConstaSurf on your computer? Please share by posting a comment.

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