April 30, 2014

Wisen Wizard - Removal Instructions

If you recently started seeing more ads while you browse the web, or a sidebar that opens up on many web sites, you might have an adware called Wisen Wizard installed on your machine. Here's an example of how the ads and sidebar may look like:

Wisen Wizard ads

The screenshot above shows the Wisen Wizard "Related Searches" and an ad that claims that I've won something and mention Coop, ICA and Willys, which are retails stores that operates in Sweden and other countries.

WisenWizard will add itself into Internet Explorer as a browser helper object and as a Mozilla Firefox Add-on. Here's how it appears in the Firefox Add-ons list:

Wisen Wizard 1.0.1 in Firefox' Add-ons list

When I found Wisen Wizard it was disclosed in the installer that Wisen Wizard was bundled, and that it
"enables multi-site searching, related search results, offers and coupons and much more"
How WisenWizard is disclosed in the installer

To avoid getting this type of unwanted software, please be careful when downloading software and take the time to actually read licenses shown in the installers before pressing the Next, Accept, or Install buttons.

Some of the anti-virus programs detect Wisen Wizard, under names such as Application.Win32.Altbrowse.AK, Adware.BrowseFox/Variant and Adware.Agent. Some of the anti-virus programs also detects Wisen Wizard as a trojan.

To remove Wizen Wizard, you can just check the WisenWizardBho.dll file and the Wizen Wizard Mozilla Extension in FreeFixer for removal.

wisenwizardbho.dllWisen Wizard firefox extension

There's also an entry in the Add/Remove programs dialog, which should remove Wisen Wizard:

How to remove Wisen Wizard from the Windows Control Panel

Hope this helped you figure what Wisen Wizard is a how to remove it.

How did you get Wisen Wizard on your machine? Please share your story by posting a comment.

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