April 28, 2014

What is Optimizer Elite Max - Removal Instructions

If you see a program called Optimizer Elite Max, published by a company called Viracure, running on your machine and you don't know where it came from, it was most likely bundled with some free download that you recently installed. This is how Optimizer Elite Max's main dialog looks like:

Optimizer Elite Max dialog

Usually I don't bother to write about this type of bundled program, since I'm more interested in the various adwares out there. But appearantly Optimizer Elite Max is detected by some of the anti-virus programs as shown in the screenshot below:

Misleading, Generic PUA, win32/OptimizerElite

Since some of the anti-virus programs are detecting it, you might want to remove Optimizer Elite Max. You can do so, either by checking Optimizer Elite Max.exe, OptimizerEliteMax.exe and Optimizer_Pro.exe in FreeFixer, or by using the Programs and Features dialog in the Windows Control Panel as shown in the screenshots:

Optimizer Elite Max.exe scheduled task

Optimizer Elite Max.exe process

Optimizer Elite Max.exe and Optimizer_Pro.exe

Optimizer Elite Max remove

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