April 29, 2014

Math Problem Solver, Solve.exe and Optimize.exe - Removal Instructions

While testing a free compression program I found a bundled program called Math Problem Solver. The installation screen shows the following information:

Clicking on the Privacy Policy links brings up the BOINC privacy policy. Since BOINC is a legitimate project  that uses idle time on computers to study global warming many other types of scientific research computations, you might be tempted to install Math Problem Solver. The problem is, if you choose to install Math Problem Solver you will get something completely different: A Bitcoin miner.

The following scheduled tasks will appear on your machine:

solve.exe optitimize.exe

Here's some of the detection names for Solve.exe:

You can remove the Bitcoin miner by selecting Solve.exe and Optimize.exe in FreeFixer as shown above. There's also an entry in the Add/Remove programs dialog, but I haven't tried it.

Remove Math Problem Solver

Hope this helped you remove Math Problem Solver.

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