April 27, 2014

What is FreeFixer?

FreeFixer is a free tool that assists you identifying and removing unwanted software. Here's a screenshot of the scan result:

FreeFixer scan result

The scan results will lists a large number of files and settings on your computer. The entries that appear in green are legitimate files, based on the file's digital signature. The files that appear with a white background are unknown to FreeFixer. Most likely they are also legitimate, but in some cases it can be some sort of unwanted software that you are better off without.

To help you to determine if a file is legit or bad, you can click on the more info link in the scan result. That will open up a web page at www.freefixer.com with information about the file. It will show if the file was detected when scanning it with VirusTotals 50+ anti-virus scanners, comments from other users and other useful information. Here's an example of some of the information displayed when clicking the more info links:

You can download FreeFixer on the official web site. It's fully functional and free.

If you would like to support my anti-malware work and the continued development of the FreeFixer tool, there's also a Pro version of FreeFixer available for a small amount.

Happy malware hunting!

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